AGM & Financial Capacity Conference

Maada'oonidiwag (to share among one another)

December 16th-17th, 2021


The Governance Development Network is a community-based organization with a mission to promote good governance practices for First Nation Communities in Ontario, and we look forward to sharing our resources with the communities we serve, and each participant will be provided with a comprehensive financial development workbook and resources as well as some small tokens of appreciation from the Governance Development Network.

Members and non-members are welcome to join us on site at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay, or online via zoom to attend.  First Nations Leadership, Financial Services, and Administrators are encouraged to attend. For In-Person attendance, please register by December 1st. For attendance via zoom, registration is open until December 7th.







  • Don MorrisonFacilitator

  • Mathew LaneEmcee

  • Elder Marlene Pierre
    • Opening & Closing Ceremonies, 
    • Traditional Forms of Governance: The Anishnaabe Clan System

  • Ron Kanutski, Dinner & Comedy, Dec. 16 6pm-9pm