What We Do

Our Focus Areas

We work to strengthen, enhance, pursue, foster and support First Nations and Aboriginal Communities in, good governance practices and development.

We focus our efforts in these areas:


Community Workshops

We organize community and networking workshops focused on governance development.

Strategic Planning

We provide First Nations and organizations with information on request to assist in the development of governance strategies and processes as appropriate.

Policy and Law Development

We provide resources to build capacity and understanding for policy and law development.

Leadership Selection

We promote understanding of the duties, rights, roles, and obligations of the leaders, advisors, elected officials, employees, trustees or otherwise connected with or employed by a First Nation, First Nations Business or an Aboriginal Organization.

Citizen Engagement

We engage and empower community members to participate in decision-making and action.

Online Networking

We provide access to online tools and resources for Members to increase their knowledge, skill and proficiency in governance development.